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MARYAM BEY has produced Education & Women conferences, Reentry forums, seminars, symposiums, roundtable discussions and staff development programs since 1984. She empowers participants with information they can apply to transform their lives or the lives of their students and clients. Maryam has seventeen years’ experience working with Reentry and Returning citizens population. Her accomplishments have been securing MOU’s for the City of Newark with Essex County Correctional Facility Reconnecting Families Program in 2016, The Kintock Group in 2016 and The GEO Group and United Community Corporation Services in 2020.  She also successfully coordinated the first Delaney Hall Reentry Service Day in 2019. Maryam owned and operated a licensed day care center and elementary school for ten (10) years. Currently, she is a Reentry Specialist and Educator who does not allow clients or residents to make excuses for the choices they have made which caused them to enter the prison system. Her focus with youth is for them to see their greatness and to become a better version of themselves so that they can become responsible human beings who will provide for their family and serve their communities and live a life of Excellence and not mediocrity.


According to Re-entry Consultant, Maryam Bey, Attitude and Responsibility is EVERYTHING in obtaining success for Re-entry Clients. Mass incarceration has devastated families in the United States particularly in Black and Hispanic communities. Maryam Bey can personally relate to this fact. Her father, four brothers, eldest son and nephews served time in federal, state and local prisons/jails. Personal experiences helped Maryam understand the challenges of working with those behind the walls. Maryam Bey is no stranger to criminal activity, she lives in the largest city in New Jersey, Newark. Her experience in re-entry began in 2002 when Maryam was the Legislative Aide to Bessie Walker, Councilwoman-at-Large for the City of Newark. In 2006 she accepted a position as an Employment Counselor with The Kintock Group a halfway house in Newark. Two (2) years later she was offered a position as a Program Counselor at Delaney Hall, an alternative to incarceration for those with criminal lifestyles and substance abuse addictions, it is also located in Newark. In 2014, The Hon. Mayor Ras J Baraka hired Maryam to work with the City’s Re-entry Program. Today she is the Coordinator of Re-entry Services for the City of Newark. Her re-entry training in halfway houses and Essex County Correctional Facility introduced her to many inmates and returning citizens who would not take responsibility for their incarceration. That was her challenge. Maryam knew for sure that education, training and credentialing was necessary for their financial success.

Maryam dropped out of school in the 12th grade. She went on to obtain her degrees in Education and Public Policy.  She is a former Newark Public Schools Board Member and President. She received her Anger Management Certificate and her Train the Trainer Certificate. Maryam understands the difficulty of convincing those behind the walls and those released on parole or probation that, though we have an unfair, unjust, racist criminal justice system that must be reformed, they participated in their incarceration. The areas she focuses on are ATTITUDE and RESPONSIBILITY. Her witty, serious lectures and counseling sessions are well received. Maryam does not accept excuses, though she clearly understands the barriers associated with criminal records. Maryam believes the best career decision she made was accepting the position of Employment Counselor at The Kintock Group. It thrusted her to her purpose of assisting others to discover theirs.


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